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How to determine the gender of the names in an Excel spreadsheet

27.12.2019 at 21:38

Do you need to find out the gender of the names in the dataset you are currently dealing with? Or do you have another task ahead which includes assigning genders to names? With our gender classification web tool you have the possibility to do exactly that. *cut*

Remark: Please make sure, that you don't have more than 1000 entries in your dataset. We don't allow more than 1000 free requests without a paid plan. If your dataset is larger you might want to consider heading over to api.nameror.com and purchase your needed amount of requests or subscribe to a plan.

So lets dive in, shall we?

1. Prepare your data

First you need to open your dataset in Excel or another spreadsheet software of your choice. Highlight the column which contains the names you would like the gender to be determined. Copy the highlighted column or the selection you want to be processed.

Make sure that when you paste your names, they are all on a new line like so:


2. Get the gender

Now head over to api.nameror.com/bulk.

Here you can paste the names from your clipboard into the text field on your left hand side. In between the two input fields you can select the mode. The mode is gender by default, so you don't have to change it.

Additionally you now have the possibility to activate the "Show certainty" checkbox. This is going to show the certainty percentage of the gender determination in parentheses next to the name. Be careful to not set this if you don't want to. Because otherwise you would need to fetch your results again without the certainty percentages, which costs you requests again.

All set now? Click that blue button in the middle and wait a second while we are determining the gender for all of your names. Depending on your name count this can take a few seconds.

3. Populate your dataset

Now select the gender data in the right text field and copy it. Don't worry, you cannot change the data in this field.

Head back to Excel or your spreadsheet software and paste the gender data into an empty column in your spreadsheet. Your names and the corresponding gender should now match up.

4. Clean up

In case you have exceeded your requests during the gender determination, the results after the 1000th row have the text "quota reached" in them.
If you wish to determine more genders based on names please consider buying requests or subscribing to a monthly plan.

Also our tool marks names which are not given names with a question mark.

Some caveats

The gender data you received is around 90% accurate. You are going to find mistakes, I am very sure. If this is the case, you could maybe head over to www.nameror.com, enter the name with the error and quickly correct it? That way we can keep improving our gender service.

Thank you for reading and for using our service.


The Author

Michel Wehrli, maker of nameror.com